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With a new year ahead, and key foundations being put into place, we wanted an expert guest that had three key skills;

They know how to successfully introduce referral programs, sharing exactly what to say.

They know how to help your team start something new, knowing exactly where to start.

And somebody that could help with the real challenges on the short-time horizon for this industry.

After scratching our heads and wondering who this guest should be … it hit us.

It’s the author of ‘Exactly What to Say’ and ‘Exactly Where to Start’ - our very own, Phil M. Jones.

In the first Book Club interview of 2021, Oli interviewed Phil to get his input on some of the key elements of the big (opportunity-rich) year that was ahead of us all.

This included how you can successfully launch your referral program (or add more fuel to the fire it if you already have a program in place) and how to launch new incentives, focuses and campaigns with your team's “buy-in” to maximize success and have your team all pushing forward throughout the year ahead.

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Introducing "Exactly Where To Start"

Exactly How to Sell walks you through a tried and true process that draws on time tested methods that are designed to attract and keep more customers. No matter what you are selling (yourself, your product or your services) this simple read is certain to provide you actionable strategies to deliver you more of the sales results you are looking for.

Inside, Phil M. Jones writes from experience and explains how to get more customers and keep them all happy—while they’re spending more money, more often. Using simple, practical, and easy-to-implement methods in line with the modern business landscape, Phil educates and guides you, giving you the confidence you need to develop the skills you need to win more business.

Phil M Jones's Advice on Exactly Where To Start 2021

Phil M Jones's Advice on Exactly Where To Start 2021

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