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Meet Ron Karr

As a child who overcame the daunting challenge of a speech impediment, Ron has made it his life’s mission to empower employees, executives and entrepreneurs all over the world and transform their lives by removing life limiting belief systems.

Ron enthusiastically motivates and trains organizations to achieve and exceed sales goals, removing barriers, positioning products/services more powerfully and achieving bigger results in less time with his help.

In Ron's best-selling book - The Velocity Mindset - he sets out frameworks and actionable steps to enable leaders to achieve bigger and better results - FASTER.

Are you ready to be inspired and reshape your mindset with velocity?

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Introducing "The Velocity Mindset"

Everyone knows what qualities define a good leader, but how many of us know what steps to take to become that great leader?

Ron Karr calls his secret formula 'The Velocity Mindset®' - a perfect balance of speed and direction, both of which must remain in alignment for personal and professional success.

When you read your copy of The Velocity Mindset you'll discover:

- Why you should have a board meeting with yourself
- How to practice the Art of the Pause
- The role of intuition in achieving velocity
- The neuroscience of trust
- Ways to gain buy-in fast

In this Book Club interview, find out exactly how you can do this for yourself, with practical examples.

It's time to eliminate resistance, gain buy-in and achieve better results in your practice - faster!

Ron Karr’s Expert Guidance on How to Adopt the “Velocity Mindset” as an Owner of a Private Practice

Ron Karr’s Expert Guidance on How to Adopt the “Velocity Mindset” as an Owner of a Private Practice

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