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Meet Scott McKain

Scott McKain is a globally recognized authority on how organizations and professionals create distinction to attract and retain customers — and stand out in a hyper-competitive marketplace.

His recent book, “ICONIC: How Organizations and Leaders Attain, Sustain, and Regain the Ultimate Level of Distinction,” was named on as a TOP TEN BEST BUSINESS BOOK for 2018.

Scott shared with Inner Circle members how hearing care clinics can create distinction, become Iconic and create experiences that are truly meaningful to customers.

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Introducing "ICONIC"

ICONIC examines what an iconic organization or leader is — and helps you attain and retain that rare status. If your practice has slipped in its standing (for example, think Sears or Nokia), McKain teaches you how you can regain your position.

This is accomplished through unconventional ideas such as:
• Go negative for greater success
• Do not “under-promise/over-deliver”
• Quit selling your products and services

ICONIC is filled with insightful advice and practical examples. It’s not a book merely expressing an unproven, unrealistic theory. ICONIC teaches the critical, specific steps required to attain the highest level of distinction.

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