10 Crucial Lessons from Orange & Gray’s ‘Inner Circle’ During COVID-19

On May 29, 2020, the members of Orange & Gray’s inner circle met to discuss the lessons they’d learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. In a broad-ranging discussion, each participant gave insights into their experiences over the past few months. These were some of their key take-aways.

#1 Don’t panic

We can easily become caught up in the chaos and rapid changes that COVID-19 has created. However, we can only control what’s directly in front of us.

It’s important to remain aware of the ongoing situation. But we shouldn’t let anxiety and fears stop us from developing clear solutions to short-term and long-term problems.

Once we know what the right direction is for our business, others’ decisions shouldn’t affect how we go forward.

#2 You are not alone

Whether it’s among Orange and Gray’s “Inner Circle” or leadership groups within the community, we can use a range of networks to help us negotiate a crisis.

Now is the time to forge bonds with pre-existing social bodies and organizations. These will help us to gain ideas and support, which we can use to address pressing issues.

And once we’ve established these relationships, we’ll have a strong platform to tackle whatever comes along in the future.

#3 Our colleagues are essential

The crisis has demonstrated the importance of a strong team. Many have found it crucial to lean on every one of their colleagues to get through new challenges.

But it’s also revealed which individuals are creating points of friction in our businesses. This is the time to recognize who these people are and make changes if required.

It’s critical we surround ourselves with loyal, trustworthy team players, who can make a real difference to our everyday efforts.

#4 We need to lead

It’s also important to recognize the value of decisive decision making. It’s easy to let things fall into a pattern, but “business as usual” hasn’t worked during COVID-19.

Today, we need to consider how we’re going to operate and take responsibility for our performance in the “new normal” circumstances.

Once we do this, we can take charge of the situation as they emerge, rather than simply responding to it.

#5 Trust your gut

Through COVID-19, we’ve recognized that our personal feelings on what’s great and what’s terrible are one of the most crucial attributes we possess as individuals.

Information and data can give us a critical insight, but if we don’t sense that something is the correct decision, it’s probably best to reconsider our process.

Our capacity to trust our instincts has been a key reason for why many of us are in a good place down the line.

#6 Good patient relationships last for life

Many of us try to make sure our patient relationships are as strong as possible, using calls and newsletters to promote engagement.

But the crisis has shown just how essential this process is when we’re faced with difficult and perilous conditions.

If we nurture these relationships, we’ll always have people on our side, willing to spread our message exactly when we need it.

#7 We can adapt

Many of us have certain preconceived ideas about the profession of audiology. But COVID-19 has shown that, actually, there are a lot of different ways to operate in this field.

From curbside appointments to tele-audiology packages, we’ve created an amazing range of methods for treating patients.

Today, we’re in a position to bring these new ways of working forward and build them into a “best practice” approach that can last well into the future.

#8 It doesn’t have to perfect

We live in a world where perfectionism is idolized. But when there is a crisis, it’s important to bring forward a solution as soon as possible.

The measures we’ve put in place during the pandemic haven’t always been finished products. But they’ve got us to where we need to be, in the time we’ve had, and that’s been crucial.

So we shouldn’t become frustrated if things aren’t ideal when they’re first rolled out. Initially, they just need to function, and later, they can be adjusted.

#9 Our time is important

With more family time available to all of us, it’s become clear for some that they need to adjust their schedules so this lasts into the future.

This is about factoring in our social lives around our work, so we don’t need to make major compromises.

Now, more than ever, a strong family set up is incredibly important, as well as the ability to change the pace of our work if we need to.

#10 We can feel positive

COVID-19 has made everyone feel far more vulnerable than they did just months ago. But we can feel immensely proud and positive about our steps forward.

We’ve shown just how well we can perform when we develop and execute effective strategies. And we’ve demonstrated that this industry is ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

As we enter into the “new normal” conditions, this is a time to reflect and feel satisfied with the roles we’ve played so far.

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