How To Create Video Content – An Easy Guide For The Private Practice Owner Who Hates Being On Camera With Dr. Jana Emola-Austin

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It’s a well-known fact that video content now out-performs static imagery on every single social media platform.

However, as the owner of a private practice, and with the multitude of tasks you have to complete every day just to stay afloat, creating content is probably not high on your list, especially if it involves performing in front of a camera…

…but that’s just it – not all videos need to be performed, and in fact, some of the best ones aren’t, as Dr. Jana Emola-Austin found out first hand.

She too is the owner of a private hearing care practice, and, after biting the bullet and giving video a go, now touts this method of content creation as one of her most lucrative business-building activities.

In this complementary article to the ‘How to Create High-Quality Video Content That Attracts Patients With Dr. Jana Emola-Austin’ podcast, we pull out the 3 key lessons Dr. Jana shares so you too can feel inspired to give video a go.


#1 Equipment: You Can Use Your Phone

You’d be forgiven for thinking that including video in your marketing requires you to have all the fancy equipment, because, let’s face it, that’s what marketing tells you you need.

Well, take it from Jana, to get started, you really don’t need anything but your phone.

After trialling handicams and tripods, she realized she was most comfortable with her iPhone, so she stuck with that, and you can too.

What’s more, depending on your level of editing prowess (disclaimer: you don’t need any!), you can do pretty much all the simple editing on your phone before uploading it.

“I was already out of my comfort zone, so thought I might as well stick with what I know and found using my phone the best most easy way”

#2 Content: Start By Answering Your Patients’ Questions

Have you ever considered creating a video then frozen at thought of what you’d actually talk about?

Dr. Jana was exactly the same.

“I didn’t go into this with a big plan thinking I was going to start a series of YouTube videos and get loads of likes, I did it because patients were asking the same questions over and over and I thought it would be easier to have the answers there whenever they needed them”

And that’s the key lesson here – your videos don’t have to be scripted monologues of perfectly poignant prose, they can simply be, like Dr. Jana, you answering common questions that your patients have. In fact, those kinds of videos are big hitters with both current and prospective patients, as, not only are their questions answered, but they get to have a feel of you as a person, which in turn creates trust.

OK, so by now you’re likely to be thinking what about the actual delivery of speaking in front of the camera – how do you navigate through that?

Well, that one’s tackled in key lesson number 3.

#3 Delivery: Know In Advance What You Want To Say

You know those people who seem to just nail their answers without a flaw?

That’s probably because they did some sort of preparation beforehand.

If you’re just starting out with video (and you hate being on camera), one of the things to avoid is hitting record and just talking without a clear idea of what you want to say.

Because, let’s face it, the chances are you’ll waffle wayward and get frustrated.

Dr. Jana candidly admits that her first video took her 6 hours because she didn’t prepare what she wanted to say, she just talked.

When she actually stopped and wrote down a few bullet points on the key points of her answer, she felt much more confident delivering them.

When you consider it from your audience’s point of view, they want the answer to their question quick-sharp and without any fluff, so take a bit of time to articulate your points and both of you will feel more at ease.

Finally, Let’s Address The Elephant In The Room…

If you hate video so much, why would you even bother?

It goes back to the first point about video being the most consumed form of media – it’s engaging, easy to consume and an excellent personal brand builder. Plus, in Dr. Jana’s case, it’s lucrative and, if persisted with can engage with people who otherwise wouldn’t have noticed you, which is also a revenue builder, too.

But, the truth is, video isn’t for everyone, and you might find that you never find your comfort zone with it – that’s absolutely fine – there are plenty of other ways to get your message across.

But, in most cases, it just takes a bit of practice and probably a bit of coffee too.

Just remember the key things:

  • Simple equipment
  • Answer common questions
  • Do a bit of prep beforehand


And there you have it.

If you do feel inspired to hit record, hopefully this will help you on your way to Speilbergville… or not 🙂 



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