Lori Lovato’s Story – Turning 2020 Into A Year Of Growth, Opportunity, and Profitability

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Adaptability is one of the most important characteristics of any successful entrepreneur.

After a year of uncertainty and fear, no one knows what tomorrow will bring, and that is exactly the motto Lori Lovato ingrained from day one, allowing her business to succeed, despite the many challenges it may bring.

That’s because Lori understands her patients come first above everything, no matter how much hard work it may involve.

This has allowed Sound Audiology and Hearing Aids to become a first-class recognized leading provider in Walla Walla, with many physicians turning to them for help and advice. 

“It’s the most amazing job, we get to have such an impact on people’s lives.”

Despite opening up just four years ago in 2017, Lori has managed to expand her business to allow her to cater to all types of backgrounds, lifestyles, and budgets.

It hasn’t been easy, but she credits her success to the loyal and dedicated staff she works alongside.

But why audiology?

Channeling Her Fears

The decision to pursue healthcare came easy to Lori, as she knew she wanted to help others, but it was deciding which sector to work in that made her head spin.

With a fear of blood, her options were largely limited. She spoke with psychologists, dentists, and optometrists, looking for an option. One day, a conversation between her dad and a friend changed everything.

“My Dad went golfing with a dentist, who said if he had it to do all over again, he would have been an audiologist.”

From there, the spark grew, and she had found her perfect niche, so she worked with a local audiologist in the front office during the summer and was immediately hooked.

Up until now, she has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including private practice and ear, nose and throat physicians’ offices.

Lori believes that the most important aspect of hearing healthcare is building close relationships with your patients, so they can open up about their struggles and consider hearing aid solutions.

Along the way, she has learned a few tips.


The 3 Challenges Lori Overcame In The Pandemic

#1 – Staff Productivity  

“We were able to deliver care through curbside as well as modified in-office appointments, and I was able to access funds through the PPP Loan program as well as use savings that we had acquired for the business.”

#2 – Profitability

“We were able to run an upgrade campaign that was wonderful. We marketed curbside repairs and were able to generate income from new patients that had been seeing other providers that had closed their doors.

We communicated our safety protocols in a way that made patients feel comfortable coming to see us. We negotiated relationships with local businesses to increase additional means of generating revenue.”

#3 – Stress And Support

“Battling the fear of the unknown and the feeling of being alone in the battle. I was able to surround myself with an amazing support system. My family was a major part of this, as well as the support of other professionals. I also made a great decision right before the pandemic to join O&G. I had no idea that this would provide the kind of support that it did.

The weekly meetings were something I really looked forward to and with the outside the box thinking of the team.”

The past year has been filled with uncertainty and unpredictability, but Lori managed to use it to her advantage and expand her services, ensuring she can cater to her patients.

“I started to see other businesses not just surviving but doing well. Instead of feeling hopeless, this allowed me to be optimistic and hopeful as we navigated our way through such a weird time together.”

Up to now, she had all the tools she needed to survive, but it wasn’t until the Inner Circle came along that it changed everything.


The Number One Way The Inner Circle Contributed To Lori’s Success: Implementation

The benefits of teamwork in healthcare settings are highly recognized, so the extra support from the Inner Circle truly allowed her to thrive.

“It created a community and a way to connect with others who were in the same position and struggling with the same issues that we were.”

“The weekly Inner Circle meetings gave me a feeling of hope and inspiration that contributed to our success in a way that is immeasurable.”

“They continually came up with ideas to increase access for patients, keep our doors open, and generate revenue.”

We know that Lori is just at the beginning of her journey, but we are to see a future with Lori in it. Not only is she a key member of our community, but she is a kind, supportive, and a courageous friend to all.

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