The 3 Secrets That Won Dr. Kelsi Mangrem the Prestigious Title of Entrepreneur of the Year

The 3 things that will grow your audiology practice in 2023

In this accompanying article to Dr. Nancy Duncan’s “Under The Hood” podcast, we extract the secrets to becoming “entrepreneur of the year” that Dr. Nancy Duncan and Dr. Kelsi Mangrem discussed.

A little note before we begin; the following lessons will be especially effective for private practice owners who already have a really strong practice and are already doing the fundamental things well, such as ensuring your patients have a great experience within your clinic, having fair and competitive pricing plans, and a satisfactory website.

So, what are the three secrets to achieving a high-performing private practice?

#1 – Be the Leader Who Listens

As the leader of your private practice, it’s down to you to ensure everyone is being heard and feels valued. If one person is out of kilter, it has the power to change the whole team’s mood.

Regular check-ins with staff as well as empowering them to do their job in their own way (while of course keeping true to the clinic’s values and protocols) is a great way to do this and a fundamental must to achieve harmony within the walls of the practice.

After all, happiness is infectious; if your team looks, acts, and is happy, it’s felt by everyone, especially your valued patients.

However, in order to achieve this level of happiness, you must also accept that sometimes you will have to have difficult conversations. Being upfront and honest when something isn’t right, such as a dispute between your staff members or an accusation that needs to be addressed, is a tough pill to swallow (if you’re someone who struggles with even gentle confrontation). However, if you let things fester, then they’ll only get worse.

#2 – Concentrate on the Culture

Your company’s culture is the glue that makes people stick around. If it’s weak, your staff may drop off. However, if it’s strong, they’re probably going to stay, and that’s paramount for a continually successful clinic.

Dr. Mangrem prioritizes building her culture over everything else, as even though it’s a tough gig keeping everyone happy, if the culture, by nature, is one that encourages openness and a free-from-judgment environment—one where the staff are encouraged to grow—it makes for happier staff and ultimately happier patients.

#3 – David vs. Goliath 

In 2021, Listen Lively was becoming incredibly aggressive with their advertising.
They were running radio adverts, newspaper adverts and were bidding on many independent clinics’ names on Google AdWords.
Somebody had to do something, and Dr. Mangrem stepped up.
She decided to create a documentary where two of her experienced patients trialed Lively and documented their feedback. The good, the bad and the ugly.
This was then turned into a compelling documentary that went viral across social media that allowed her to fight back on behalf of private practices across the US.
Check it out for yourself:

Inspired by Nancy And Kelsi’s Discussion?

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