The Three Missing Ingredients from Most “New Technology” Campaigns

This may be the shortest article that I’ve ever written.

Yet, if acted upon, it should deliver the largest amount of revenue to you.

That’s because, new technology is on the horizon, and as many of us prepare to run an upgrade campaign to share this announcement with patients, there is going to be a monumental amount of cash left on the table by so many clinics. 

For our private ‘Inner Circle’ members, we’re currently in the middle of building them a vast and comprehensive campaign that will help to maximize the number of patients that step into new technology.

But to ensure that you don’t make the common mistakes, I want to share the three missing ingredients from most “new technology” campaigns and share how you can maximize your campaigns performance.

#1 – Don’t “Sell” The Features, “Sell” The Transition

Don’t make the mistake of sending an upgrade mailer that solely speaks technical jargon … patients don’t care if the new technology has a “Flux Capacitor 4000”. 

They care about two things: 

The difference it will make to their lives AND what the process of stepping into the new technology looks like.

Share how the technology will directly improve their quality of their life and have case-studies/reviews from other patients sharing their experience – this will get their interest. 

Then make sure the transition into the new technology is simple and seamless – this is what turns interest into commitment. 

If you can allow patients to clearly understand the benefit of the new technology and make the transition feel like a hassle-free, no-brainer, then your campaign will drive great results. 

#2 – Don’t Forget About Your “Tested Not Sold” List

As we all rush to our existing patients to share the news of new technology, but you must not forget about your “tested not sold” list.

The introduction of new technology means that previous premium technology (that you have been recommending to patients for the past two years) is now available for a significant saving. 

This is news that you should be sharing with your “tested not sold” list, giving them an ideal reason to now take their first step towards better hearing.

It’s the perfect message, for the perfect audience, at the perfect time. 

Do not ignore this additional route to new revenue.

#3 – The Follow-Up is Just as Important as The Mailer

Just sending a mailer and waiting for the phone to ring is a sure-fire way to burn cash.

It’s imperative that you follow every campaign up, ideally with a combination of emails and a phone call. 

Once you have sent your mailer, have your team pick up the phone and simply check if they received it and if they have any questions.

It’s not an awkward sales call, it’s checking in on people that you know this level of technology would benefit. 

With a recent stat by XANT suggesting that 50% of all sales happen after the 5th follow-up, this extra work is what turns results from GOOD to GREAT. 

This new technology release gives many of us an opportunity to re-coup lost revenue due to the craziness of 2020. The thought and effort that goes into this campaign will have a big impact on what your numbers look like come the end of 2020


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