The Three Things That Every Hearing Care Website Will Need in 2021

Somehow, it’s now October.

Which means that before we know it, repeats of Home Alone will be on the TV and we’ll be making plans for a new year.

With 2021 on the horizon, it’s set to be a pivotal year for the world of hearing care with new patient expectations, the delayed introduction of OTC, and many online models continuing to increase their advertising spend/marketshare.

The question is, is your online presence, website, and marketing ready … or dangerously outdated?

To help, I’ve shared the three things that every hearing care website will need in 2021 based on industry data, market changes, and the key lessons from helping 40+ high-performing private practice hearing care clinics to continue to grow as much of the industry declines.

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#1 – You Need To Be Able to Answer The Price Question

One of the most common Google searches in our industry is “how much are hearing aids” or “hearing aids cost.”

Yet nearly all of us run for the hills when this question is asked or don’t have a feasible answer for what is a very reasonable question.

Imagine you were considering buying something that you have never purchased before; without knowing roughly how much you were going to have to pay, would you be hesitant in scheduling an appointment? Of course you would.

This is one of the reasons that the likes of Lively have been able to take so much marketshare, because they proudly share their prices, explain the value, and make it easy for somebody to confidently take the next step.

We, as private practices, need to do more.

Now, this does not mean that you need to publish your price list, but it does mean that you need to answer this question through your website.

This could include your price range (for example, “Our hearing care packages range from $2490 to $7390”) or you could confidently share your treatment plans through your website with a detailed breakdown of everything that’s included (detailing the unique way you care for patients).

But avoiding answering this question during 2021 is going to:

  • Show you to not be trustworthy as you avoid the biggest question that patients want to know
  • Lose you potential opportunities/patients, as many competitors are now able to answer the question that many new patients are initially looking for
  • Result in you not attracting the hundreds of local people that are making price-related searches every month

I know that this is uncomfortable … and it’s something you’ve never had to do before.

But it’s a MUST in 2021.

#2 – Clearly Articulate Why a Patient Should Choose You

What you’re facing in today’s industry is very different to what you faced just 5 years ago. Back then, you could get away with just being the local hearing care clinic.

But right now, patients have more choice than ever before and more access to research before making any form of decision.

That’s why, just saying that “we’ve been in business for 25 years,” or that you’re “friendly people” isn’t enough to convince somebody to choose you over all other options available to them.

Instead, you need to get really clear on what makes you unique, shine a spotlight on it, and, most importantly, prove it.

For example:

  • You could be the most trusted local hearing care experts and have this backed up with lots of patient stories, proof of local organizations you’ve worked with, and articles from your team of experts.
  • You could deliver the highest level of audiological care and have this backed up with a breakdown of the methodical way that you do things, and ensure that your team’s credibility is at the forefront of your messaging.
  • You could deliver VIP patient experiences and have this backed up with a walkthrough and “patient journey” detailing the unique ways that you deliver “wow” moments every step of the way.

You likely already have something that makes you unique.

Understanding what that is and clearly articulating it on your website is SO important.

The fact that you’re reading this shows that you’re open to change and staying ahead of the curve. Taking the time to work on your value proposition is one of the most important marketing activities that you can do.

Fail to do this, and you’re going to end up looking like everybody else and give patients no reasons to choose you.

#3 – You Need to STOP Making The Widget The Star of The Show

Your job is not to sell hearing aids … let me repeat that, your job is NOT to sell hearing aids.

Your job is to “sell” better hearing with hearing aids being part of the methodical process that you followed in order to achieve that.

However, every day, I see websites that seem to idolize manufacturers, speak solely about how great hearing technology is, and have pages upon pages of “copy & paste” jargon about every device.

Why is this such a HUGE error?

Well, you’re essentially telling your visitors that the ONLY thing that matters is the hearing aid.

If a patient is led to believe this, then they’re one Google search away from realizing that they can buy the same hearing aids for significantly less elsewhere.

Instead, you need to STOP making the hearing technology the star of the show.

You can still mention the manufacturers that you partner with, but the most important thing is that patients understand that the technology is only part of the jigsaw of achieving better hearing, and working with an expert like you is the most important component.

Ensure your story showcases what makes you unique, why somebody should choose you, and the level of care/expertise that they’ll receive by choosing to do business with you.

If you ignore this and continue to make the widget the star of the show, then expect to be price-shopped and have patients feeling more confused about why you charge so much for widgets. 

Would You Like Us to Review Your Website?

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This is where Phil M Jones and I will personally review your website and schedule a consultation call to share the exact steps that you can take to have a high-performing web presence.

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