The Three Things That You Should Be Marketing Now

If you’re running adverts, commercials, or even posting on Facebook, then the messaging that you’re using in today’s world needs to be more sensitive than ever before.

For example:

  • Whereas inviting patients to “schedule an appointment” would have been normal just a few short months ago, it could now potentially be seen as dangerous or misguided.
  • Sharing that you’re “back to business as usual,” although it may sound harmless, could give the impression that you don’t have protocols in place and you’re not taking COVID-19 seriously.
  • And running a special offer because of the pandemic could appear that you’re looking to profit from others’ pain.

Although your intentions are undoubtedly positive and all of the above is not true, we’re entering a minefield.

You’ve never had to be more careful about what you’re saying.

That’s why, in this article, I’m going to share the THREE things that you should be marketing.

Use these as a framework and guidance for the messaging that you should be using when communicating with patients and the outside world. 

#1 – Safety

The first is messaging around patients’ safety and the protocols that you have put into place to protect the health and wellbeing of everybody that visits you.

Not only does this share that you are open to patients (as a bi-product), but it also shows that you’re putting patients first and doing the right thing.

This could mean that you share a video on social media as you walk through your office sharing the changes, it could mean a blog post that walks people through your new protocols, or it could simply be messaging on an advert that says you’re “COVID-prepared.”

Focusing on safety shows that you care, it shows that you’re open to patients, and it shows that you’re to be trusted.

#2 – Convenience

The second thing that you could be marketing is your convenience.

Whereas hearing care has predominantly been in the interests of the provider with patients having to travel to you for multiple appointments around your schedule, if you have introduced new approaches that are more convenient for the patient, you should be sharing these.

Whether you have made teleaudiology accessible through your website, are now offering a curbside service, or you’re mailing complimentary batteries to patients during this time, this is key messaging that shows that you’re prioritizing patients’ needs during these times.

Just as Uber or Netflix entered and won in crowded markets by focusing on customers’ convenience, you should be shouting about all the things that you’re doing to make a patient’s life easier.

This could be messaging in an advert or it could mean changing the story on your website to share your remote options.

#3 – Contribution

One of the many advantages that you have over big box stores and online offers is your relationship with your community.

One of the key messages that you should be sharing is the contribution that you have been making during the pandemic.

  • Did you continue to serve patients during this time?
  • Have you sent batteries to patients in need?
  • Have you helped non-patients who had no provider to turn to?

These are things that you should be documenting and sharing.

“Contribution” messaging doesn’t only show the community what you’re doing now and why you’re different, but it is also documented and allows future patients to see how you went above and beyond during a pandemic for your patients, whereas most other options to them shut their doors and disappeared.

The added advantage of focusing on “contribution” is that documenting and sharing the work that you’re doing often creates media exposure.

With one clinic recently featuring on NBC and many featuring in their local news, they will be remembered and documented online for the work they have been doing.

Your First Job: Review Everything

  • Check what adverts that you have running (whether online, in the newspaper, or on television).
  • Review your website copy/messaging to ensure your story is aligned with today’s world.
  • Are your call-to-actions congruent with today’s world?

Review the messaging that you’re putting into the world and ensure it’s right, asking people to do the right thing and in good taste.

If not, then use the framework outlined in this article to ensure that all of your marketing messaging is built around safety, convenience, or contribution.

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