The Two Steps That Any Small Private Practice Can Use to WIN in Today’s Economy: Part 2

In part 1 of this 2 part series you learned how to use content marketing to attract a continual stream of high quality enquiries. This second step is all about setting yourself up for long-term success.

Let’s dive in…

Step #2 – How to Maximize Your Database and Win ‘Patients for Life’ Through Micro-Campaigns

I regularly find myself baffled at how little the hearing care industry communicates with their existing patients. At the most, it’s a quarterly newsletter and maybe one mailer per year that has been created by a manufacturer to promote some new technology.

Here’s the thing; for most private practices that have been in business for 10+ years, every patient that you could ever need is likely to already be in your database.

The problem is, we have been taught that the only campaign that we can send to our database is a campaign to introduce new technology.

This means that your database is regularly “bruised”. They all receive a promotion or a message that is only truly relevant to a small percentage of your database.

By running micro-campaigns, you’re able to send a very specific message to a very specific segment of your database, ensuring you’re only communicating a relevant message with the relevant people.

This protects your database, and maximizes the response rate of every campaign.

For example:

    • Patients that cancelled an evaluation/returned device … send them a campaign to re-engage and invite them for a consultation
    • Patients that are within their first 48 months … send them a campaign to encourage referrals
    • Patients that are have an end of year deductible … send them a campaign to introduce new technology
    • Patients that are overdue a hearing test … send them a re-engagement campaign that encourages them to schedule an assessment.
    • Patients wearing certain technology that will no longer be covered by manufacturer … send them a campaign to share the news and make a step into new technology seamless

Can you see why these work so well?

These are NOT campaigns that you send to your wider database. These are very specific campaigns that you send to small segments of data; in some instances, the data could be as little as 40 patients.

But here’s another thing; size does NOT matter.

These campaigns can often generate between a 15-40% response-rate … all because we focused on defining the audience and then created the message specifically for them.

For our ‘Inner Circle’ members, we help them to create a micro-campaign like this every single month, focusing on a different segment of their database. This approach ensures that every patient receives at least one communication per year that is highly specific based on where they are in their hearing journey.

It also ensures we can upgrade people as early as possible, drive as many referrals as possible, and build long-lasting trust with each patient.


This is how you can turn any small database into a gold-mine.

But it requires work.

It requires an understanding of the different segments, what the message should be and the creation of a mailer that articulates the message in a clear and powerful way.

Why This Combination Should Be Your Core Strategy

By combining great content marketing with well-planned micro-campaigns; you’re able to continually attract new opportunities, as well as market effectively to your existing database.

Best of all, this doesn’t require large investments into ad spend, nor does it require you to continually have to pay out of pocket for leads.

It’s work that you can start to do now that will serve you for years to come.

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