Why a Heavily-Respected San Antonio Clinic Says that The ‘Inner Circle’ “Changed Their Business” and Their Advice to You

How It All Started

Audicles has been caring for the hearing health of San Antonio for over 75 years, renown throughout circles within the hearing care industry for their high performance and much-respected business.

But Tracy Board, owner of Audicles, said that she HATED marketing after working with a large advertising agency for a very large monthly fee that didn’t understand the industry, who her customers were, and was running out of ideas.

In her own words, “It was really exhausting to try to come up with new reasons to send letters or to advertise, and we were out of ideas and everything that we did was a shot in the dark.”

Marketing and advertising had become the worst part of the business and they were unsure on what they should do next.

But after discovering Orange & Gray from some trusted friends within the industry who are part of the “Inner Circle” – Tracy decided to reach out to join.

What Happened?

Audicles was a successful business, and they didn’t need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, they needed small key changes and smart thinking to make a significant difference.

From Tracy’s perspective, her three highlights up to now have been:

The redevelopment of their online presence, messaging and assets.

By ensuring the messaging is focused on the importance of CARE over TECHNOLOGY and clearly communicating why Audicles is the best decision for anybody seeking a hearing care partner for life.

This included a new website, new core messaging, and an updated online presence across all social channels and directories.

In Tracy’s words, “You guys learned about us and our audience, then created a website that had a look and feel that we were aiming for.”

The second was expert-based content marketing.

As one of San Antonio’s longest-standing independent audiologists, Audicles has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, but from an online perspective, this wasn’t clear to see from the outside world.

That’s why we decided to create a “Wikipedia of hearing care” by researching the most searched hearing care-related questions throughout San Antonio and interviewing their key team to answer each of the questions.

This included professional video that has now developed into a YouTube channel and over 30 articles added to their website that contributes to a large percentage of their new traffic.

The third, in Tracy’s words, was “the reaction of you when COVID hit.”

“From the initial response of hopping on a call immediately and then starting your weekly ‘Campfire Chat’ calls to put us into a network of others around the country. But the most important part was giving us a marketing plan to drive revenue during this terrifying time, and it saved us!

“It gave us a level of confidence, allowed us to reach out to our people, and allowed us to drive revenue without being in the office.”

By giving them the tools, the support, and the confidence during this difficult time, they were able to act fast, build trust with patients, and drive revenue to protect the business.

The Outcome

This has resulted in them having more online traffic than ever before, more conversations with existing patients than ever before, and a predictable stream of future patients through timely campaigns.

In Tracy’s words …

“I never expected to be in a position where I closed my doors for 6 weeks, but you kept us going, gave us the marketing tools and allowed us to make sales while we were not in the office, and we’ve been able to take off.

“It was such a strange feeling coming back to the office following COVID, but now, I wake up in the morning and I’m excited to get into the office. I’m energized and excited about what we’re doing.

“We’re in such a good place, bouncing back to a great month and what you guys have provided for us is invaluable.”

What’s Their Advice to You?

“Firstly, I know that most audiologists are in the position that we were in, are tired of people doing the same thing. Orange & Gray’s ‘Inner Circle’ brings brand new ideas, things we would never come up with, and pushes us out of our comfort zone to figure out what we are capable of achieving. I would recommend that anybody interested in the ‘Inner Circle’ meets with you, talks to others that you’ve worked with.

“We’ve been at this a long time, and the ‘Inner Circle’ has changed the game for us, they have changed our business!”

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