Emily McMahan’s Story How Alaska Tinnitus & Hearing Center Turned 2020 — One Of The Worst Years In Business History — Into A Productive, Profitable & Patient-Focused Success

Overcoming adversity is one of the biggest skills an entrepreneur can acquire, especially when that entrepreneur is also a doctor of audiology.

That’s because the level of care and attention needed to make both patients happy and business successful is no mean feat, and yet Emily McMahan has managed to nail both of them.

With two practices in Anchorage and Eagle River and 5 members of staff (plus Dogtor Bentley, the office canine), Emily is a shining example of how passion and perseverance can combine to achieve great things.

“We pulled off a great 2020 despite every challenge thrown our way.”– Emily

So, how did Emily and her team manage to thrive during one of the most turbulent and precarious years in history, while so many of her fellow professionals sadly sank?

Well, it comes down to 3 things: Attitude, action, and accountability.

But first, some context…


The Rocky Road To Success

To say Emily McMahan has had a rocky ride is an understatement.

When Emily was working for others, she was exposed to many practices who mistreated their patients and chose a fraudulent path to increase profits, which was Emily’s driver to do the opposite.

With an unwavering focus on prioritizing patient care, she knew she wanted to set an exceptional example with her own practice, something that has since earned Emily and her team the title of Alaska’s most trusted hearing and tinnitus experts.

Having persevered through many personal challenges, coupled with finding out that her maternity leave cover was set to leave Alaska just weeks before Emily was due to give birth, (which meant she had to return to work with a 1-week old), Emily has never faltered to put her patients first, and they adore her for it.

“Overcoming obstacles, using creativity, and sheer determination have led me to the path I am on. It’s not always been the easiest of roads, but it is my journey and I am very proud of it.”

But by far the biggest challenge Emily had to overcome, aside from one of her practices falling victim to a dreadful earthquake that meant it was out of action for over 6 months, was, of course, the 2020 pandemic.

Like many hearing care clinics in the USA, Emily was struck down by tight restrictions, resulting in a much-reduced patient schedule, and, of course, income.

Also, like many of her peers, Emily panicked, perplexed as to how she would cope and pay her staff, and yet she remained positive.

So positive in fact, she actually grew her clinics in 2020!


The 3 Things That Helped Emily Grow Her Two Clinics In The Pandemic

In her own words, Emily shares the secrets that aided her success.

#1 – Attitude Adjustment

“The first 2 weeks of shut down, I was in panic mode. I was checking the voicemails one morning and I had a moment of clarity. From that moment forward, I was in innovation and implementation mode. I pulled my team together for a meeting and promised them we’d make it through Covid, as a team. I kept all of my employees who wanted to stay and never stopped providing for their families.”

#2 – Immediate Action

“We introduced Curbside appointments! We offered no-contact, curbside services. I was able to make programming changes, provide clean & checks, or service broken hearing aids.  Due to local guidelines, I couldn’t see patients inside my practice. It was well received and it is a service we will be continuing beyond COVID-19.”

In addition to this, Emily pushed out her Telehealth Audiology services, which meant she and her team could reach her remotest patients.

This quick thinking and immediate action meant that she was able to generate good revenue during the toughest months.

#3 – Accountability And Positivity From The Inner Circle

“Working with the Inner Circle immediately made me up my game and helped to hold me accountable to make the most of a very bad situation. Once I joined the Inner Circle, I was surrounded by people who were pushing me through, and the positive influence I received on day one has allowed my strength to continue.”

All these things combined allowed Emily to take the reins and carve her own narrative, instead of becoming a sad statistic.

So much so, she added a new member to her team in the peak of the pandemic.

“We started the pandemic 4 of us, but we grew and are stronger and better than ever. The 5 of us can accomplish anything we decide to conquer.”


The Number One Way The Inner Circle Contributed To Emily’s Success: Implementation

When the pandemic hit, Emily was part of an exclusive minority of audiologists who decided to accept the situation and make the best of it. This willingness to adapt early meant she was able to create a marketing strategy and implement it, which was responsible for most of her revenue.

“Thankfully, since working with O&G, our productivity has increased and I am able to successfully implement monthly challenges and specific marketing.

“Prior to O&G, my consistency was severely lacking, as it was dependent on the patient schedule. Or I would have a great idea and not know how to implement it.

“I now have dedicated O&G time since I know roughly when I will be receiving action items.

“My many conversations with Oli always leave me thinking and striving for more and to do better. The accessibility O&G provides to those of us in the Inner Circle is amazing.”

“When the pandemic hit, I was sadly surrounded by audiologist/business owners who basically threw up their hands and had given up. I was trying my best to stay positive. I’d implemented new protocols so we could stay accessible for our patients, but everyone around me was shaming me for keeping myself accessible. I was so alone.

“Once I joined the Inner Circle, I was able to be surrounded by people who were also pushing through. The positive influence I received on day one has continued and renewed my strength to continue. Joining the Inner Circle allowed me to continue.”

Emily is a true inspiration to us here at the Inner Circle. Not only is she a fierce action taker, but she also listens to feedback and implements anything that ensures her patients always feel like they are her number #1 priority. We’re very proud of her and her many achievements.

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