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Episode 53
9 Smart Ideas You Can Ethically Steal From 3 Obscure Industries And Apply To Your Clinic

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9 Ideas That You Can Ethically “Steal” From 3 Obscure Industries & Apply To Your Private Practice

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Show Notes

Without being rude, the hearing care industry is a bit…incestuous. 


Hear us out…

It seems like every marketing campaign, every mailer, every idea is copied, swiped and borrowed from each other within the industry, and it never really steps out of the hearing care family. 

Now, that’s actually a beautiful thing, as on one hand it shows unity among clinics, but on the other, it suggests that, if you want to stand out, you’re going to be hard pushed achieving that if you churn out the same things as everyone else. 

Well, let’s see about changing that, shall we? 

In this episode, we look at 3 obscure industries (that are not hearing care) and extract 9 of the smartest marketing ideas that you can ethically “steal” and apply to your private practice. 

Are you ready?

Well, grab your balaclava and let’s go…

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