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Episode 69
The Alternative Ways to Grow Your Clinic’s Revenue and Profitability…Without Acquiring More Patients

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The Alternative Ways to Grow Your Clinic’s Revenue and Profitability… Without Acquiring More Patients

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Probably the most practical podcast we’ve ever released…

…if you want to grow your revenue without the pain of acquiring new paients, then you’ve just struck lucky. 

Although there’s a huge amount of noise and confusion around the different ways to grow your clinic, the truth is that there are ONLYthree ways.

  1. Acquire new patients.
  2. Increase your average transaction value.
  3. Increase your patients’ frequency of purchase.

The problem is that nearly everybody focuses on “acquiring new patients” as the core (and only) way to grow their clinic.

Yet the other two approaches are some of the biggest catalysts that you have in your business that are easily controllable, cost hardly anything to implement, and can dramatically increase your revenue very quickly.

In this podcast, I’m going to share some practical real-world things that you can do to increase your average transaction value and to increase your patients’ frequency of purchase.

Enjoy 🙂 

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