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Episode 39
Control Yourself Like A Pro: Two Incredible Methods For Handling Stressful Situations

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Carey Lohrenz Shares Her Two Most Powerful Methods For Overcoming Stressful Situations In The Hearing Care Industry

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Show Notes

You know that moment where suddenly everything seems to go from 1 to 100 and you’re thrown into a state of total and utter chaos?

Yep, you don’t have to be the owner of a private practice to know what that feels like.

Well, what if there was a way to turn that chaos into calm using two very simple methods?

In this podcast, first female F-14 Tomcat pilot turned speaker and best-selling author, Carey Lohrenz, shares her two incredible methods for handling stressful situations and how to plan better outcomes for next time.
So, if you’re someone who has 100 different things vying for your attention right now, this may just be the best thing you listen to today.
For more info about Carey Lohrenz, including her book ‘Span of Control’, visit: https://careylohrenz.com

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