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Episode 73
Clinics That Thrive Understand This, Clinics That Struggle Do Not

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Clinics That Thrive Understand This, Clinics That Struggle Do Not

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There are 3 types of businesses within the hearing care industry:

  1. The business that is struggling (the majority)
  2. The business that has reached a $1m/$2m revenue target and can’t get past it (the median)
  3. The business that sees exponential growth each year (the minority)

See, the thing is, the difference between these clinics’ success is very rarely anything to do with how good of an audiologist/hearing care professional the owner is…

…in fact, in many cases, the better they are, the worse their business is.

Now, that’s a massive statement and one that I’d expect you to be reading with a raised eyebrow, but, there’s logic to this, and in this podcast, I’m going to explain exactly what that is and how you can apply it to your own clinic, (if your wish is to grow, of course).

So, buckle up and prepare for a few home truths, as we delve even further into the world of private practice growth…

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