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Episode 58
The Most Important Place To Start: Defining & Building Your Private Practice Marketing Strategy

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How To Develop & Build Your Clinic’s Unique Marketing Strategy

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Show Notes

Having spoken with 100s of private practice owners who are struggling to get their business where they want it to be, it’s become blatantly clear that there is one thing they all have in common…

…they do not have a marketing strategy. 

And to be honest, I totally understand why, because a marketing strategy is one of the hardest things to understand, never mind actually implement. 

…And yet, it’s by far THE most important place to start if you’re hoping ot grow your patient list and maintain consistent revenue. 

So, for that very reason I’ve decided to dedicate this podcast to helping you get to grips with the big beast that is your private practice marketing strategy.

Please understand when I say this though: a marketing strategy is EXTREMELY personal to the business it is created for, so what I am about to share within this podcast are the main principles of what your marketing strategy should look like and include, but the intricacies are down to you.

However, if, by the end of the episode you feel like you need to focus on your marketing strategy and it’s the intricacies that you’re unsure of, then, as a highly valued listener of the Business of Hearing podcast, you are more than welcome to schedule a complimentary 1-to-1 marketing strategy session with me to make sense of it all. 

Are you ready to get cracking? Then let’s go…

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  • Tips and tricks for maximizing response

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