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Episode 45
The Secrets Behind How Audiology YouTube Star, Dr. Cliff AuD Filled His Private Practice Through Creating Video Content

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Dr. Cliff AuD Shares The 3 Biggest Secrets Behind Growing A Successful YouTube Channel & How You Can Easily Replicate Them For Your Practice

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Show Notes


Ever since we started The Business of Hearing podcast we wanted to conduct this interview, for one simple reason…

…In the Audiology world, Dr. Cliff AuD is legendary. 

He is the pioneer of accessible hearing-care video content and the shining example of the powerful effects of how video can showcase your expertise and help you create a brand that people adore. 

And what with:

– Over 220,000 subscribers

– 200,000 weekly views

– permanently full patient list

He certianly knows a thing or two about what works. 

And in this interview, Dr. Cliff reveals his secrets on exactly what it takes to create engaging video content and how you can replicate it in your own way, and let’s just say, some of them are definitley NOT what you’d expect. 

So, buckle up and take a break to enjoy this candid interview with arguably the most inspiring Audiologist slash video creator hybrids on the planet. 

And don’t forget to also read the accompanying article that lists the 3 secrets behind building a successful YouTube channel. 

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