Episode 13
How to Create High-Quality Video Content That Attracts Patients With Dr. Jana Emola-Austin

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How To Create Video Content – An Easy Guide For The Private Practice Owner Who Hates Being On Camera With Dr. Jana Emola-Austin

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Show Notes

The most successful practices are those who continually look to learn and then apply what they learn – especially when it comes to marketing.

Dr. Jana Emola-Austin likes to say that her and audiology found each other and she initially went into it for patient care, but found she also loved the business side. She first joined Allison Audiology as an intern and after being a trainer elsewhere in the industry, she eventually became the practice owner.

Now having built a successful private practice, Oli encourages her in this interview to go deep into how she creates great content on a budget, including the process from the first imperfect attempts, to the shortcuts she has learned and the content she shares today that gets the best results.


“I was looking more on the business side of things because that was just something I was drawn to and really interested in.”

“I took over at a time when technology in our field changed drastically.”

“If you’re looking at your schedule and you’re booked out, it’s time to make a change.”

“You don’t want everything to look like it’s a movie and pre-planned and perfect. I mean I would rather have it look like it’s authentic.”

“Just do something that you feel comfortable talking about.”

“They want to hear it from someone who you’ve done your research, you know the deeper level of the content, but you’re trying to present it in a way that anyone can listen to it.”

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