Episode 15
How to be at the Cutting Edge of the Hearing Care Industry with Stephen Shapiro

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Stephen Shapiro’s Advice on How to Innovate & Be at the Cutting Edge of the Hearing Care Industry

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Show Notes

Stephen M. Shapiro started his innovation journey when he founded and led a 20,000 person process and innovation practice during his 15 year tenure at Accenture.

Since leaving the consulting firm, he has authored six books on innovation, including Best Practices are Stupid. He also developed Personality Poker®, a powerful card game that helps create high-performing teams. He is a regular columnist for Inc.com.

He has presented to audiences in 50 countries and in 2015, he was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame. In his spare time, he geeks out on magic.

In this ‘Expert Interview’ – Stephen shared with Phil and Inner Circle members how to innovate and find ways to be at the cutting edge of the hearing care industry by applying different lenses to the problems and opportunities we face.


“It’s not about change for change’s sake. It’s not about novelty for novelty’s sake.”

“It really is about moving the organization in a way that keeps you relevant in the minds of your customers, your clients, consumers, so that at the end of the day you have a valuable proposition to the market.”

“If we had more data, what would we do with that data to help us target people that are at risk that don’t even know they’re at risk yet?”

“Even during recessions, those premium products, those premium services always excel. And in fact, we find that in some cases they do even better in tough economic times.”

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