Episode 19
Exactly Where To Start in 2021 with Phil M Jones

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Phil M Jones’ Advice on Exactly Where To Start in 2021

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Show Notes

As Co-Founder and Chairman of Orange & Gray, Phil M Jones has worked with hearing care practitioners across the globe for close to a decade. Having now also worked closely with Inner Circle members since 2018, he has seen close up how the words we choose are critical to making conversations count when we communicate with patients and potential patients.

With a special edition of Exactly What To Say for hearing care on its way, this interview hones in on specific examples of how his “Magic Words” can be applied to your practice, including some new sets of words to apply straight away.

In this ‘Expert Interview’ – Oli asked Phil some really in depth questions and got to the heart of what will make a real impact in 2021.


“If you show up with a telling or an I know best mentality to any conversation, what you do is you create friction.”

“The ask isn’t the hard part. The permission to ask is the hard part.”

“The more we understand the patient’s circumstances in a very holistic fashion, the easier it is to make stronger recommendations.”

“One of the greatest things that leaders can do is to prove their own vulnerability. And that might be the game has changed, it’s been a long time since I’ve done anything like this – why don’t I have a go at the next 3 calls?”

“If you have people in your life that aren’t serving you in a role that you’ve decided adds value, you might need to get them out of your life or at least get them out of your vision.”

If you’d like to read the full highlights, check out this article

Find out more about how “Inner Circle” members are transforming their hearing care practice with the help of the Orange & Gray team.

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