Episode 21
How To Create Human Experiences Through Technology with Kate O’Neill

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Kate O’Neill’s Advice on Creating Human Experiences Through Technology

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Show Notes

Kate O’Neill has led innovations across technology, marketing, and operations for more than 20 years in companies from startups to Fortune 500s including Netflix, Toshiba America, Magazines.com and was founder & CEO of [meta]marketer, a first-of-its-kind analytics and digital strategy agency.

Kate’s most recent book is Tech Humanist: How You Can Make Technology Better for Business and Better for Humans.

She was interviewed by Phil about her book and her key ideas for how Inner Circle members can apply her philosophy of making tech work for you AND your patients.


“Human experiences thrive on meaning.”

“Business really has the driving opportunity here to create a better world for humans.”

“Think about what problem you’re solving for people. And really deeply think about that.”

“We have the opportunity to put technology in place that really addresses human concerns at scale.”

“The biggest obligation that we have is to find every possible way to align business incentives with human outcomes.”

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