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Episode 27
How To Be A Highly Productive Clinic Owner With Dr. Kelsi Mangrem

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How To Effectively Manage A Heavy Workload And Seamlessly Deliver Results – Kelsi Mangrem

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Show Notes

Dr. Kelsi Mangrem is a renowned hearing care expert in Texas. She has gained trust from many others in the region, including physicians that turn to her for help, and she is a perfect example of the dedication that is needed to build a thriving clinic.

However, it wasn’t an easy ride.

Like many other entrepreneurs, she’s been forced to juggle multiple roles at one time, all while keeping a brave and courageous face.

While others cracked and crumbled, Dr. Kelsi revolutionized and transformed, learning through every challenge that came her way.

So how does Dr. Kelsi Mangrem manage a heavy workload and seamlessly deliver results?

The answer is different to what you’d expect…

So, take a break, plug in your earphones and enjoy listening to a hearing healthcare professional who’s been there, done it and ready to share her learnings. 


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