Episode 3
How To Launch “New Technology” Without Being a Manufacturer Show Pony

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How to Successfully Launch “New Technology” Without Making the Widget The “star of the show”

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Show Notes

In this first “Phil & Oli” episode, we hear them discussing their thoughts on how manufacturers are too often the ones in control – if practices allow them to be.

As experts in the field of hearing care, sales and marketing, learn from them both how you as a smaller business owner have the opportunity to connect with people with hearing loss in a way no big brand can match.

But how can you do that? Listen up for industry insights and strategies and tactics to launch a new piece of technology successfully.



“If I’m a consumer, what do I care about? I don’t care about what it’s got, I care about what is it gonna be like to live with?”

“The peoples voice that you need to capture at the earliest possible days are the loyalist wearers of hearing aids.”

“That’s all I care about. Not it might work. Does it work.”

“Confusion at any given level slows down the decision making process.”

“The clues for growth do not come from inside the industry.”

“It’s easy to say we do this. The place that holds real weight, especially when initially running some form of upgrade campaign with this incentive, is to say hey, here’s all the people we helped.”

Find out more about how “Inner Circle” members are transforming their hearing care practice with the help of the Orange & Gray team.

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