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Episode 31
How To Level Up Your Business By Making Vital Changes With Mike Michalowicz

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Mike Michalowicz’s Advice on How To Grow Profitably and Permanently

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Show Notes

The biggest challenge business owners face is knowing what their biggest challenge is.

Now, as a hearing care professional running your own practice, does that feel a little over familiar? 

In this direct yet witty podcast episode we’re joined by best-selling author of ‘Fix This Next’ and hero to small business, Mike Michalowicz as he and Phil discuss not only how to identify the biggest challenges within your business, but also how to deal with them like a pro.

With a deep dive into the cool new take on Maslow’s hiererarchy of needs, Mike shares what he believes the Business’ hierarchy of needs are and how to embed them within your practice. 

So, grab your earphones, sit back and enjoy this light-hearted discussion that’s guaranteed to give you that “I got this” feeling. 

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