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Episode 32
How To Adopt A “Velocity Mindset” And Be A Brilliant Leader In Your Business With Ron Karr

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Ron Karr’s Expert Guidance On How To Adopt The “Velocity Mindset” As An Owner Of A Private Practice

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Show Notes

Do you consider yourself to be a leader, or a hearing care professional who runs a business?

In this episode, Phil is joined by author of “The Velocity Mindset” Ron Karr, a business heavyweight with an abundance of experience growing teams and applying throughtful leadership.

With lightbulb moments from start to finish,  in this episode, we understand what it means to be a true leader and how adopting a “velocity mindset” can catapult the enjoyment and rewards you get out of running your business. 

Engaging, thought-provoking and smart, you’ll definitley want your notebook handy for this one.

For more info about Ron, visit: https://ronkarr.com

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