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Episode 34
Why Physician Marketing Is A Bit Like Tinder & How You Can Swipe The Revenue-Increasing Lessons In Your Business

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The Lessons That You Can Learn From TINDER To Market To Physicians In A Post-COVID World

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Show Notes

Physician marketing and Tinder? Yes, we are serious and no, we’re not drunk. 

It’s no secret that the hearing care industry is stuck in its ways. Many (but not all) private practice owners opt for a ‘we do it like this because that’s how it’s always been done’ approach, and when it comes to physician marketing, that usually means you’re pumping 80% of effort into roughly 20% return. 

But, what if we told you there is a different approach that would see you pumping 20% of effort for 80% return? 

Enter the tinder method. 

There are many parallels between physician marketing and Tinder and it’s almost certianly not in the way you think. 

In this podcast, Oli reveals all.

So, take 30, kick back and enjoy. 


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