Episode 6
How Dr. Tracy Board has Built a Thriving Clinic Through a Simple yet Effective Patient Referral System

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Revealed: The Proven Referral System That Generates 80% Of New Patients

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Show Notes

The key questions Oli asks us to consider after listening to this episode are:

Do you have a methodical, well-oiled process for gaining referrals?

Does every provider in your team know exactly when to introduce a conversation, how to say it, what to do?

For most, the answer is no, or there’s room for improvement.

The guest that Oli is talking to in this episode is Dr Tracy Board of Audicles Hearing Services in San Antonio, Texas. At her practice they’ve been able to create great success from referrals. So much so that now 80% of all new patients come from referrals, making other forms of marketing a luxury, rather than a necessity.

In this episode, Oli interviews Tracy to get a real insight into how Audicles has cracked the code of creating a highly successful patient referral system, so you can do the same.


“Each of us loves what we do. And we have this need to treat everyone we encounter as if they were our family member.”

“We’ve built a culture here that took a long time to build and we’re not willing to give it up, and that’s what our patients appreciate about us.”

“You can call me a bad audiologist, you can call me a bad business person, you can say my clothes don’t match or I don’t wear enough or whatever. But don’t ever question my integrity.”

“Things like a little handwritten note go a huge long way in a relationship.”

“Anything we can do for those clients that makes them happy, we want to offer that to their friends and family as well. So people are excited to share that.”

“Be unabashedly proud of your services and your office.”

“You can always talk better about yourself without talking poorly about someone else.”

Find out more about how “Inner Circle” members are transforming their hearing care practice with the help of the Orange & Gray team.

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