Episode 7
How to Protect Yourself from OTC and Online Retailers as a Private Practice

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The Two Big OTC Marketing Opportunities Spotted In The Proposed FDA Regulations

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Show Notes

In this episode, Phil and Oli talk candidly about whether hearing care professionals should be worried about online retailers and OTC in what is becoming a fast changing marketplace.

Online retailers and OTC are not a new concept. In fact, Phil remembers having discussions about their impact on “in person” hearing care practices as far back as 2013. But as time goes on more practice owners and professionals are wondering what they can do to stand out and compete in this marketplace.

Phil and Oli discuss numerous strategies and viewpoints that will give you the confidence to stand up and stand out as a professional, all of which can be applied to any “bricks and mortar” based professional service that has other ways of customers accessing products online or via bigger retailers.


“It’s important that if you’re gonna respond to any difference in the marketplace that you understand their strengths before you understand their weaknesses.”

“I think it’s important that consumers have choice and that’s what comes from any disruption to a marketplace.”

“The way it could destroy the professional hearing care industry is if the consumer decides there’s no need for a professional.”

“You’ve got to make choices. And the choices need to be about setting boundaries about what you are and what you’re not.”

“Don’t just wish it would go away. Understand it exists and get ready with your counter argument and be prepared to ride out this next chapter.”

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