under the hood: find the people, find the growth, with Lori Lovato

Episode 85
Under The Hood: Find the People, Find the Growth With Lori Lovato

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There’s a difference between a business owner and an entrepreneur.  

Where the former is usually focused on the here and now, working in the business to bring in an income, the latter is a forward-thinker, constantly strategizing ways to make the business run without them.  

And that forward-thinking, strategic entrepreneur is exactly who joins Nancy in this inspiring next episode of ‘Under the Hood’.  

Lori Lovato from Sound Audiology is someone who, despite the ever-mounting challenges of an expanding family, has achieved growth and balance within her business via the one area business owners fear most: through her team.  

In this reassuringly relatable discussion, Lori talks about the importance of finding the right staff, how she keeps them happy, and how by doing so, she’s able to focus on the entrepreneurial pursuit of business growth.  

If you’re someone who is on the fence about growing your business through the fear of taking on more staff, then this one is for you.   


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