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Episode 128
– Front Desk Mastery (Have Your Front Desk Listen to This!)

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In 2016, a study was conducted by the PH Media Group that asked 2,234 Americans their opinions on customer service handling, and their experiences of an initial phone call with a busines

95% of the people participating said that if the first phone call to a company is not handled properly, then they would be unlikely to buy from that business.

But worst of all, the survey found that the least tolerant people were those over the age of 55 who shared that an unsatisfactory phone call would lead to 63% of them never buying from the business again.

Given that this age-group makes up the majority of our patients, these are some big and scary numbers.

It means that poor call handling could lead to only 3 out of every 10 phone calls progressing to an appointment, and great call handling could lead to all 10 being put onto the schedule. 

It’s a significant difference.

It means that the difference between handling a phone call well and handling a phone call poorly could be the difference between 3 times as many people being scheduled. 

The person that holds all the power in those numbers is YOUR FRONT DESK.

In this episode, we discuss the 3 steps of their role and a 5-step framework for leading patient phone calls.

Whether this is for you, or for your front desk to listen to – I hope you find it helpful

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