Episode 130
– How Restaurants Set “Perfect Buying Conditions” [Borrow This Lesson for Your Practice]

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What wine options do you have for your patients? 🍷

I’m joking (kind of).

Because, there’s a lesson that you can borrow from restaurants to enhance the profitability of your practice.

Let me explain …

As many of us know, restaurants make VERY good margin on wine.

Although we all have a ceiling for what we’d pay for a beer, or a spirit, wine can often be bought for a low cost and sold at a premium (based on illusion, age and the exotic backstory).

As a result, restaurants intelligently “create conditions” to encourage their customers to drink wine.

Think about it:

🍷 They have win glasses already sat on the table when you sit down, suggesting it’s the type of establishment where drinking wine is normal

📜 They hand you a ‘wine list’ … not a drinks menu

🧠 They often hand the ‘wine list’ to just one person at the table, aiming for them to go for the simplest choice of choosing red or white.

They have developed an experience where you’re subtly encouraged to choose wine in 3 different ways, aiming to make it the normal and logical choice.

What lessons could you take from this for your practice?

Here’s a couple of thoughts:

👉 How are your pricing/treatment plans positioned? Do you offer them their choice of options, do you make a recommendation, how is it introduced, and what is considered as the normal route to take?

👉 How is the patient educated on how long hearing aids last and when the time should be to upgrade? Is it 4 years, 5 years or as long as they still work? I don’t know the answer, but you can create what “normal” looks like.

You get to establish what normal looks like for your patients, and create the right conditions.

Restaurants and many other industries do a great job of this, what could you do?

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