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Episode 42
LinkedIn: As A Private Practice Owner, Is It Worth Your Time?

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3 Ways To Utilize LinkedIn And Positively Stand Out In The Hearing Care Industry

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Ever feel like there are too many marketing platforms and too little time to master them all?

And so, if someone was to say to you, “hey, have you thought about using LinkedIn to grow your private practice?”, you’d probably roll your eyes and think “I barely get time to update my personal facebook status, never mind think about LinkedIn”

But, what if there was a way to utilize LinkedIn with the minimal amount of effort for the maximum return…would you want to hear more?

This podcast epiosde explains exactly that.

Joined by LinkedIn expert, Beth Granger, Beth shares her powerful strategies for utilizing LinkedIn through the lens of a private practice owner, with a focus on these 3 elements:

– Recruitment

– Optimizing your profile properly

– Creating eye-ball seducing content 

If you’re someone who never thought LinkedIn was a good platform for private practice, then you might think again after listening to this.

To learn more about Beth Granger, visit: https://www.bethgranger.com/about-1

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