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Episode 68
How To Use The Theory Of Marginal Gains To Make Yourself Impossible To Compete With

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How To Use The Theory Of Marginal Gains To Make Yourself Impossible To Compete With

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The theory of marginal gains has been used by world-class athletes, trainers and entrepreneurs for decades, and it’s time it was brought into private practice…

…Why? Because you might find that it makes you impossible to compete with. 

Marginal gains isn’t about making things twice as good or expelling huge energy and brainpower to make huge changes, it’s about focusing on those small, often unnoticeable, differences that compound over time.

For example, consider your current patient journey…

  • Could your front desk answer the phone 1% better?
  • Could your greeting to patients when they walk through the door be just 1% better?
  • Could the waiting room be 1% nicer?
  • Could the walk from your waiting room to your office be 1% more interesting?

You get the picture. 

In this episode, we discuss why marginal gains is a winning strategy and how you can easily adopt it into your everyday routine as the leader of your private practice. 

A quick disclaimer though: This podcast starts by introducing the theory of marginal gains via the zero-to-hero story of the British cycling team.

Get that and you’ll get this. 

Enjoy 🙂 

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