Episode 96
The One Thing That Will Exponentially Improve Your Clinic’s Success.

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The One Thing That Will Exponentially Improve Your Clinic’s Success

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"To have a better business, you need to be a better business owner."

If you sit with that quote for a second, you might find a couple of things start to happen…

Like, your eyes, they’ll widen.

And your mouth will do that “chewy, side-to-side pout” thing.

But most of all, your mind might make you think “Sh*t.”

If that’s you, then it’s a good thing you’ve stumbled on this episode.

Because the thing is, when it comes to growing/improving our businesses, how often do we look ourselves in the mirror and recognize that in order to run a better business, it’s entirely our responsibility to improve our skills as a business owner?

Well, in this episode, Oli shares the ONE thing (broken down into three things) that you can do to start improving your skills as a business owner that are all in your control…

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