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Episode 47
Three Things You Can Easily Do To Protect Your Clinic From The Next Recession

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The Three Critically Important Things To Do Right Now To Protect Your Clinic From The Next Recession

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Show Notes


With talk of a recession looming, as a hearing care leader, you have one of two choices to make right now…

1. Start doing the work today to protect your clinic for tomorrow, or…

2. Sit and see what happens.

Now, the fact that you’re reading this podcast summary tells us that you’re most likely in camp 1, in which case, this episode should be pretty useful to you. 

Truth is, unless you’re a multi-practice clinic with offices all over the USA and a limitless contingency dollar pot at your disposal, there are really only three ways to truly recession-proof your clinic…

1. Pricing

2. List nurturing

3. Care plans

In this episode we explore each of them in detail, which should give you the knowledge and the impetus to act. 

Let’s get stuck in…

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