Episode 44
How To Recruit First Class Hearing Care Professionals In Today’s Highly Competitive Marketplace

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The Recruitment Puzzle: How to Recruit First Class Hearing Care Professionals in Today’s Highly Competitive Marketplace

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Show Notes


It used to be an employer’s market; an abundance of qualified candidates for one job, but things have changed…

There are now fewer hearing care professionals of excellent caliber than ever before, which means finding the perfect person for your hearing care clinic is really tough. 

But, there are a few things you can do to ensure your clinic is the one that the cream of the crop want to work in, and let us assure you, they are all completely doable and within reach. 

This podcast explains what those crucial things are and how you can implement them to attract the best people. 

But first, a warning…

Unless you are genuinely the best career option for a new audiologist/HCP, then you may as well disregard what I’m about to say.

The following information will allow a great clinic to build the assets to persuade somebody why they should choose to work for them … but this is not focused on putting lipstick on a pig!

Let’s jump in…

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