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Episode 83
Why You Should STOP Selling Hearing Aids, Immediately.

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Why You Should STOP Selling Hearing Aids Immediately

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If, as an independent private practice owner, you make your margins selling hearing aids, then you’ll be glad you found this podcast today, because times are changing, and you need to stay ahead of the curve…  

In short, due to aggressive mass consolidation efforts from manufacturers, where their greedy take-over of small clinics means they have the power to control the hearing aid market, as an independent clinic owner, selling hearing aids will no longer be a profitable option for you. 

This may sound like doom mongering, but there are some real concerns about the next 5-10 years in the world of hearing care, and my intention with this podcast is to raise them to you, share some observations based on what’s happened in other industries, and share the proactive steps that you can take to mitigate against these potential threats.  

So, let’s waste no time and get started… 

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