Episode 86
Struggling to Identify the Next Steps: The Most Powerful Question to Ask Yourself

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Struggling to Identify the Next Steps: The Most Powerful Question to Ask Yourself

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I want to share a question with you, that if you’re like me will deliver you clarity and transparency on the immediate actions that you should take to accelerate the growth of your clinic.  

But first, let’s talk about the entrepreneurial mist. 

As business owners, we all have a huge flaw.  

We’re so emotionally close to our businesses that we often struggle to see the wood for the trees, it’s hard to identify solutions to challenges, and often our ability to make proactive plans is killed by the busyness of the reactive environment we live in.  

Yet, have you ever noticed that it’s far easier to give a friend/colleague advice or look at somebody else’s business and be able to clearly see solutions to the challenges that they’re facing or what could improve their business?  

The emotional baggage that we all hold toward our “babies” is often crippling and majorly slows us down.  

This episode will help.  

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