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Episode 88
The Two Business Thought Experiment, Operating Today to Build For Tomorrow

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Here’s a sobering thought: Right now, you have TWO businesses.

You have the business that you’re running today and you have the business that you’re building for the future.

Now, where most people blend them firmly into one, there’s actually quite a big problem with that…

…because today’s business is obscenely busy and leaves very little room for building tomorrow’s business.

You’re head down squirreling away at the day-to-day, and before you know it, BOOM.

12 months has gone by and you’re nowhere near where you wanted to be.

So, what’s the answer?

Well, that’s where the Two Business Thought Experiment comes in.

A nifty little mindset trick that is profoundly powerful when applied to the way you think about your business.

Best of all, it’s explained in full within this episode.


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