this clinic receives 20 times more traffic than the average clinic, but theres more to the story

Episode 87
This Clinic Receives 20 Times More Traffic than the Average Clinic, but There’s More to the Story…

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This Clinic Receives 20 Times More Traffic than the Average Clinic, but There’s More to the Story

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One glass of great bourbon vs. 10 glasses of terrible bourbon? 

One wonderful husband/wife vs. 100 terrible one-night stands? 

We all know that quality always trumps quantity. 

Yet when it comes to our websites and marketing, many of us fall into the trap of focusing entirely on quantity. 

In this episode, we identify the number one way you can avoid that, in turn creating a website with only quality in mind, which acts as a magnet to attract the right kind of people to your clinic and as a deterrent for the wrong kind. 

You’ll be surprised how simple this change is and even more surprised when you realize how few people have the gumption to change it…that is, except you, of course.  

So, kick back, plug in, and enjoy. 

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