3 slimy marketing tricks to warn your patients about

Episode 78
The 3 Marketing Tricks to Warn Your Patients About

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Ever read a podcast summary that’s basically one huge rant?   

Get ready for it, because here it is… 

The amount of marketing manipulation and trickery used by some hearing care clinics to hoodwink patients into believing they’re legit is shocking.  

Sorry, did I say shocking? I meant APPALLING.  

In this episode, I call out this bad practise and expose the 3 shi**y things slimy clinics are doing right now, and why they must stop.  

I know you’re with me on this.  

When it comes to hearing healthcare, there’s no place for cowboys.  

Leave that sh*t for dentists…(Joke).  

Rant over.  

Enjoy the episode 🙂

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