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Episode 89
Top Tips for Onboarding New Front Desk Staff

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You’re a hearing care expert, not a recruitment expert, so no wonder you’re left pulling your hair out every time you need to find a new soul to fill your front of desk role.  

What’s more, you go through all of the sluggish rigmarole of CV-sifting, interviewing and onboarding, just for that person to decide they’re going to go elsewhere.  


But…what if there was a way to ensure you’re hiring the right person first time? One that WANTS to work for you, who will treat your patients like royalty, and who actually wants to stay put? 

Well, that’s the topic of this podcast.  

Contained within are 3 pieces of stellar advice that, if implemented, will transform your recruitment process from the initial job advert, on to the interview and right through to the on boarding process.  

No time-wasting, no cliché questions that return cringy answers, just some smart, new thinking applied to an age-old problem.  

Enjoy 🙂

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