zero to hero building a successful clinic with no experience

Episode 81
Under the Hood: Zero to Hero – Building A Successful Clinic With No Experience

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A wise woman once said:  

“You have to be a special kind of crazy to start a private practice business” 

…and that wise woman is Nancy Duncan, and do you know what?  

She’s absolutely right!

In this episode, Nancy is joined by fellow private practice owner, John Chakan from Berkeley Hearing Center CA, as they take a deep dive into this “special kind of crazy” and discuss exactly what it takes to become a successful private practice owner.  

What’s particularly wonderful about this discussion is the fact that John started his business with zero experience in the audiology or business field, but, through sheer determination and a love of learning, managed to navigate and wedge his way through, what at times felt like blackstrap molasses.   

It serves a comforting reminder that you don’t have to know it all, you just have to start.  

With excellent advice on understanding your demographic, to managing personal egos, struggles and trust issues, this really is a great discussion between two genuine people.   

So, kick back, relax and enjoy. 

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