the truth about having a private practice business partner with Dr. Deborah Clark and Dr Jane Baxter

Episode 93
Under The Hood: The Truth About Having a Private Practice Business Partner

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The world of Private Practice comes with its many ups and down, and when you’re navigating those choppy waters alone, it can get pretty tough… 

…but what about if you had a partner to ride those waves alongside you?   

This episode of ‘Under the hood’ features business partners Deborah Clark, Au.D and Jane Baxter, Au.D. from Pacific Hearing Service in California, as they discuss how they both joined forces to build a thriving audiology practice, and what struggles they’ve faced along the way. 

With eye-opening insights into how the pair manage the office culture, including an interesting peak into the prominence they put on their staff’s personality styles, as well as how they deal with difficult employee conversations, as well as how they deal with each other, this is truly a “must-hear” episode. 

So, sit back, plug in and enjoy this candid discussion between these 3 refreshingly honest Private Practice owners.  

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