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Episode 66
You Ask, We Answer: Hearing Care Marketing Expert Answers The 3 Most Commonly Asked Questions

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It’s a new style of podcast that, let’s face it…needed to happen.

Since lauching The Business of Hearing, the host, (Oli Luke) has shared a lot of insight into the trends, observations and total shock-wave revelations of what’s happening/working in the world of hearing care marketing in REAL TIME.

So, naturally, you, the good listeners of the podcast, have questions, and you’re not afraid to ask him them. 

Well, this new-style podcast is our way of transforming those questions into interesting ‘answer’ episodes, with the aim of giving you the most up-to-date intel of a side of the audiology world that you may not already know.

In this first Q&A-style format, expect to hear answers to YOUR 3 most commonly asked questions, which are:

  1. How to market intelligently with little or no budget
  2. What are the marketing predictions for 2023 and how you can get ahead of them, and, can you believe it…
  3. What is Oli’s favorite TV show

Yep. Not even joking. And you won’t believe what it is.

So, get yourself comfortable, and take 30 minutes to enjoy this episode that has, quite literally, been created just for you…

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