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The World’s Best-Selling and Most Respected Business Authors Share Their Expertise and Apply it to Private Practice Hearing Care?

What Is bookclub?

What happens if you take some of the smartest business, marketing and leadership minds and have them apply their lifework and expertise to the real challenges of private practice, right now. Well, you get Book Club.

Book Club was developed to bring best-selling authors into the world of hearing care, and for 60 minutes, have them share the key lessons from their books and apply the ideas direct to our little industry. It’s your way to extract their expertise and apply it direct to your business.

With authors including Marcus Sheridan, Joey Coleman and Mike Michalowicz – you’re able to benefit from the expertise of some of the top-ranked business authors of our generation.


Campaign Template & Training:
The High-Performing Upgrade Campaign to Send to Your 7+ Year ‘Stubborn’ Patients


  • A breakdown of how this high-performing upgrade mailer works
  • The exact criteria of which patients should receive the campaign
  • The ‘fill-in-the-blank’ templates and instructions
  • Tips and tricks for maximizing response

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