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The Key Lessons Behind Building A $5m Private Practice With Dr. Sunni McBride

As a private practice owner looking to grow their business, you’ll likely have three questions (among many others) for the person who’s been there, grown it, and bought the “I’ve built a $5m business” T-shirt. In this article we answer those questions for you.

Well, what if there was a way to turn that chaos into calm using two very simple methods?

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Tamsen Webster’s Profound Solutions To Overcoming The Biggest Challenge The Hearing Care Industry Will Ever Face

“Aha moment” analogies and practical guidance combine to make this recent Inner Circle Book Club interview with Tamsen Webster one of the most invaluable in the deck. If you’re the owner of a private practice and you’re struggling to get the message across why people need to see you, Tamsen’s book Find Your Red Thread and her accompanying interview with Phil is nugget upon nugget of pure gold.

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23 of The Best (and Most Original) Ideas Implemented by Private Practice Hearing Care Clinics in 2023


📈 A clinic that has launched a premium monthly subscription program that includes community perks, benefits and annual upgrades (yes, ANNUAL upgrades) ... yet earns them industry-high margins!

📹 How one clinic has bought themselves 6+ hours back on the schedule each week by implementing a series of helpful patient videos (that is also winning them patients from competitors

🔎 How two clinics have built industry-first programs to attract existing hearing aid wearers that are either unsatisfied with their existing provider, or new to the area (and turn this into a profit-center for their business)

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