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The Key Lessons Behind Building A $5m Private Practice With Dr. Sunni McBride

As a private practice owner looking to grow their business, you’ll likely have three questions (among many others) for the person who’s been there, grown it, and bought the “I’ve built a $5m business” T-shirt. In this article we answer those questions for you.

Well, what if there was a way to turn that chaos into calm using two very simple methods?

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Ron Karr’s Expert Guidance On How To Adopt The “Velocity Mindset” As An Owner Of A Private Practice

Although Ron defines velocity as “speed plus direction,” he defines a velocity mindset as the greatest skill of a leader, wherein they work with their team to conceptualize a clear goal and then work backwards identifying the steps needed to realize it. This, he believes, is the true essence of a good leader and a shining example of velocity mindset in action, which in turn sees everyone’s goals achieved quicker.

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How to Supercharge Your Front Desk Performance – Jerry Durham

Picture this.
You walk into a clinic. Immediately, you are welcomed by the smiley front of office staff, who asks how you are and takes their time to get to know you personally.
They give you all the details you need to know regarding your appointment, ensuring you feel comfortable and ready for the next steps.

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Campaign Template & Training:
The High-Performing Upgrade Campaign to Send to Your 7+ Year ‘Stubborn’ Patients


  • A breakdown of how this high-performing upgrade mailer works
  • The exact criteria of which patients should receive the campaign
  • The ‘fill-in-the-blank’ templates and instructions
  • Tips and tricks for maximizing response

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Leading the Change Training Guide Cover

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